SZ Emulwax 1 Lb (Emulsifying Wax). for DIY Cosmetics, Soap,

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SZ Emulwax 1 Lb (Emulsifying Wax). for DIY Cosmetics, Soap,
INCI name: Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate-60. Product comes in a form of waxy pellets or flakes that should be melted together with oils (like castor, almond, apricot, moringa), plant butters (mango, kokum, cupuacu, aloe, cocoa) and waxes (carnauba, candelilla, beeswax, jojoba).
It is an Emulsifying Wax (holds water and oil together); can be used as stand alone emulsifier or in combination with other co-emulsifiers like cetyl, stearyl or cetearyl fatty alcohols.
Can contribute to the emollient feel and luxurious look of your homemade lotions, body butters and any other skin and hair care products
Plant derived ingredient and suitable for green (natural) DIY cosmetics recipes. Oil phase thickener and solidifier/opacifier. Very easy to use in any of your DIY cosmetics (like body butters, lotions, sugar scrubs).
Comes in convenient re-sealable stand up pouch. Easy to use, easy to store.